Brum Youth Trends 2019 Video Shoot


Brum Youth Trends 2018 campaign video “Who Runs Brum?”



This year we want to create a video that asks people across all ages "What does power mean to you?/What does power mean?" We are doing this by inviting people aged between 0 - 55 to come along to a studio in Custard Factory, Digbeth on Monday 8th July between 7.30am - 7:30pm to film a quick 5-minute clip for the camera.

We want everyone that attends to come dressed as you do on a daily (please don't dress smart of "up" for our sake) and bring your pets, family, partner, child with you, we want this to be as authentic, diverse and representative of the city as possible.

As you know our community engagement is 16 - 30, but our networks spread across. We are looking for anyone from between 0 - 55 to come along - so if you know someone who you would like to nominate, please let us know and share across your networks.


Example of the work we want to make by Soul Pancake


Want to take part?

Please fill in this form if you are up for it, just so we can collate your slots, media consent and contact details when the film is released.


Filming Location:

Studio 422, Scott House, The Custard Factory, Digbeth
Date: Monday 8th July 2019
Times: 7.30am - 7:30pm

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Full name (to be credited in the film)
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Date Of Birth
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You can choose more than one time slot, this is just so that we can estimate how many people we can expect at different times in the day.