Brum Youth Trends brings together our team's passions, experiences, insights and skills to drive forward a collective mission: capture insight from one of the most elusive, sophisticated, fluid demographics; young people.

A pioneering report for the city, first piloted in 2017, it asks young people what they think and feel about themselves, each other and the city from housing and transport, to arts and culture, to retail and brands. We want to get to know this city's reason for being: it's under 25 population. And we want you to know them too.

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Our report is made up of 1200 responses from 14 - 25s across Birmingham - their answers to our survey, their explorations in our focus groups, their stories from our projects and programmes. We pull this together, with the help our partners, expert contributors, and associates, to craft trends and recommendations which we think will improve the city's services, products, places and people. Ultimately, we want to create a city that deserves the title of the youngest in Europe.

The 2017 and 2018 reports are free to download, and the 2019 report will be launched at Brum Youth Trends Summit on 24th October 2019 at Town Hall Birmingham 12 - 5pm.

Brum Youth Trends is spreading. Check out Nottingham Youth Trends produced by NonSuch and Coventry Youth Survey by Coventry City Council to see how other people are also creating youth trends for their cities. Get in touch with us at to discuss running a Youth Trends in your city.