The Pledges

The reason we do Brum Youth Trends is to put the thoughts of young people into the hands of power, so that they can be held accountable. This year - so we can keep up our end of the bargain - we have recorded all of the pledges which have been made in response to the report. Here are a few of them.


Sophie Drake

pledges to engage young people in shaping curriculums and to do more projects to engage young people.

Director for Young People - GBSLEP Board

Andy Street

pledges to provide cheaper and better transport, more housing - 200,000 homes by 2050 - and establish a youth combined authority in the Midlands.

Mayor - West Midlands Combined Authority

Roland Roberts

pledges to work towards youth governors, to work on more professional careers advice to parents and young people.

Chair - Walsall Governors Association


Karolina Piasecka

pledges to work with you to take down barriers to opportunities, identify weak points in the current system or create an alternative systems.

International Affairs Manager of Urban Poverty - Birmingham City Council

Anonymous BYT Attendee

As a young person taking her 1st steps into a career, I pledge to be braver and to put myself in front of those who can mentor and guide me to be more confident and assured moving forward. I am impressive and have a lot to offer. I just need to speak up!

Waleed Kahn

pledges to help young people who are suffering with mental health problems, through motivational speaking and other activity.


Download a list of all of the pledges made on the day here.