Brum Youth Trends 2018

In 2017 we launched the first ever Brum Youth Trends survey and received over 600 responses. This year, it’s exploded. We’ve gone bigger: doubling the number of respondents, speaking to over 1500 young people. We’ve gone deeper: increased the number of questions, diversified the way people could answer and reached out to a range of expert contributors to add to, and comment upon, the report. We’ve gone higher: this year’s summit was attended by local MPs, the Lord Mayor and a handful of local businesses and influences. But don’t take our word on Who Runs Brum, download the report below and figure out how you can.

Full Version

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Read the full 85 page breakdown of Brum Youth Trends 2018 including the statistics/figures, detailed findings and trends in full.

Condensed Version


Read the 11-page easy read version with a selection of the key points, designed and supported by Mencap.

Audio Version


Listen to the audio version of Brum Youth Trends (Condensed Version), narrated by Shaun Hill.


Aside from our research, Brum Youth Trends 2018 references a few other sources, you can find links to them here. In the ongoing effort to opensource our intelligence, you can also download the clean data set the report was based on here. Speakers and attendees at the summit made pledges, commitments to action, based on the report. You can read them here.


Who Runs Brum Video Feature


We are the future leaders, CEO's, entrepreneurs and artists; but what about today?

Thank you to Xavier Reeves, Sebbie Mudhai, Selina Akthar, Shamarni Brown, Walhan Hussen, Micheal-Akolade Ayodeji, Nasra Abdi, Amelia Ladbrook, Lobster, Leeroy Gotami, Milga Abraham, Fabio Thomas, Jack McLeod; aswell as Paul Stringer for filming and editing the film.




We want to thank every single person who has downloaded the report. We’re a very reflective team, and constantly have evaluations and reflections to improve our work; if you have any feedback; good, bad or critical, please let us know so we can improve what we do and the report for next year.

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